All the Sailing Expenses

All the Sailing Expenses

As a lover of the ocean, you must have considered living out there or exploring places that you have never been to. Fun as it may be, there are expenses to be covered, but this should not discourage anyone from pursuing their hobby.

If you own a boat, then you happen to have the first thing covered, in case you don’t, then renting a boat is the only option. Depending on the size, rental boats cost between $2000 to $6000. If a person plans on living on a sailboat, consider buying one instead of incurring high fees. It is advisable to learn how to sail before setting out, it would be quite unfortunate to be a rookie out in the sea. A sailing class could cost a person $500, where they get to teach you the real thing and not what you read in the books. The ocean is vast, and books might not fully prepare you for storms, engine failure, or pirates. Practice makes perfect, while the experience is the best teacher.

On average a person might have

Anyone planning on living on a boat will also need to know how to swim and if you’re out in the water, precautions are important. Swimming classes might not be expensive, but a swimsuit might be. It will be like an investment in your new life as a sailor, unless you plan on sailing in a hot climate, then that would not be necessary. Set aside close to $1000 for the sailing gear which includes safety jackets as well as a buoyancy aid. Don’t go for expensive brands, save enough for other sailing needs.

On average a person might have to spend $500 on food per month while on a boat. You might consider fishing when you discover just how expensive eating healthy/cheap could be. Seafood should be your new-found diet companion on a sailboat. Stock up before setting out, focus on fruits and vegetables; look for shops offering bargains whenever the boat docks at a harbor. Some states offer free food, for example Fiji gives free coconuts and papaya to the sailors. Minimize costs by having your meals on board and learn how to cook if you have to.

All the Sailing Expenses

Now that food is covered, there is no sailing out without fuel. Sailors need different types of fuel, diesel for the engine, petrol for the outboard, also how can a person cook without gas.

Most sailors rely heavily on the winds and manage to reduce the costs of fuel by a large percentage. On average, it costs $200 on fuel, leaving enough to focus on the necessities such as water, electricity, or marina fees. Salty water in the ocean is no substitute for drinking water. When starting to sail as a hobby, your boat will become like a child you need to maintain, maintenance costs range from $600 to $2000 depending on what has to be done. The most expensive would probably have to be replacing the boom or engine, going for a newer model for a sailboat to avoid breakdown or spending too much on upkeep. Otherwise, learn how to do everything yourself, and save on costs while growing your skills.

The numbers above are simply examples of the average prices, they could be lower or higher depending on the type of boat or time spent at sea. Regardless, enjoy sailing, everything can be affordable, just stick to cheaper alternatives that offer quality.