Comparison between airships and sea-sailing Ships

Comparison between airships and sea-sailing Ships

Sailing ships have a surprisingly complex relationship with fluid dynamics. They use two different fluids of different densities and different relative velocities to exploit wind power. Water is about 1000-2000 times denser than air at normal comparable levels. It’s easier to educate a person how to use airship or sea-sailing than it is to describe. It needs great knowledge and understanding to balance between the weight of the airships with the force of gravity. The force experienced in the air may defer to the force of the water based on its height.

A command canopy, like those a

A command canopy, like those a kite surfer might use of less air resistance than an airship could be used to travel into wind while one of greater resistance would be needed to travel down wind. Resistance is managed on a sail by increasing or decreasing the amount of power you are harvesting at any one time. Changing that power level has to be done carefully, and in some cases, assertively. Imagine this could be slow and a boring sport, except a changing direction downwind would be a nasty dangerous situation especially if you mess it up.

Comparison between airships and sea-sailing Ships

Tacking or traveling upwind, I’m not sure how well one could make time. It would work, not sure how well you could point, but chances are high. If you don’t know, a moving boat can progress into the direction of the wind by traveling at an angle to the wind. A real sailing boat can make way to within 11-16 degrees into wind direction before pinching or entering an inefficient or unstable condition called head to wind.

If your best possible relative airspeed is less than your wind speed, then just drift down wind with a little direction control of where you are going. Sailing in an airship uses hydrogen which is a lighter gas to produce upthrust. Helium was used in some airships though, it requires more money to maintain or for fuel. Airships must be made lighter enough for the ability to sail in air while sea ships may be heavy. Ability to float in water is the key aspect in sea sailing. For sports, it will be better to choose the best and equal air resistance which is possible in water, but hard in air.

To win in sports a person needs to have a serviced instrument which is efficient. Not only the efficiency, but also reliable with ability to adjust with the changing environment.