The Dangers of Sailing

The Dangers of Sailing

Sailing played a big part in the creation of numerous civilizations simply because it was the most effective form of transport for long distances at that time. Today, sailing is seen as a sport that is modernized annually for a better experience. This improvement mostly comes from the improvement of vessels for more speed, power and safety. Sailing has been represented in modern Olympic Games for over 120 years. This puts it among the longest running Olympic sports of all time.

If you consider the most medals won, Great Britain is the most decorated in the sailing sport. While early sailors depended on observing the direction of winds before embarking on journeys of discovery, modern boat operators largely put their hopes in the power of ships. Besides being a great sport, sailing has a rich history which is made of great men and stories. The first sailors were adventurous individuals who went on journeys that improved trade, discovery and civilizations.

It's common for sailors to pay

Even though sailing has captured the hearts of several people globally, it comes with dangers more extreme than those related to other forms of sport. The biggest percentage of dangers associated with sailing come from factors which can’t be controlled. Sadly, risk-takers like people who prefer to operate sailboats alone often create their downfall. According to a study in the US, there are more deaths caused by sailing than downhill skiing, which is considered to be an extremely dangerous sport. Sailing is also considered to have a higher fatality rate than American football.

It’s common for sailors to pay little attention to the importance of life jackets, which increases their chances of drowning. Alcohol consumption is preventable, yet it’s responsible for a number of sailing-related deaths. Sailing while drunk eliminates feelings of caution and fear in boat operators. This may influence sailors not to follow safety rules like speed limits and maximum load a vessel can carry, leading to accidents.

The Dangers of Sailing

Bad weather can’t be ignored in conversations about the dangers of sailing. The contribution of this factor to fatalities related to water navigation depends on how extreme the weather is. Some accidents are caused by hazardous waters while others can be prevented even when the weather is dangerous. It should be understood that whether you are experienced or not, injuries and deaths on the ocean won’t spare you in dangerous conditions.

Vessels that are operated by inexperienced individuals have a higher possibility of landing in danger. Some procedures of boat operation can’t be taught instantly and have to be learnt with time as you experience life on the ocean. Inexperience is dangerous because it tends to cause lack of attention in operators that are new on the job. This may lead to accidents due to the inability of amateur operators to identify possible dangers.

Although they don’t often appear, there are cases of sailors who have lost their way on the ocean. When this happens and support takes a long time to arrive, the vessel risks being affected by bad conditions. The people on board may run short of supplies like food depending on how long they spend while lost. In the sports world, most dangers related to sailing are caused by the high speed at which vessels move during races.